Marie Lydia

Marie Lydia

Louisville, United States

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Oh where to start? I am a avid photographer for four years now… When I first started out I didn’t think I would get into as much have over the past few years. But now my camera has become apart of me… Over this past year I have gotten into Portraits and have really enjoyed working with people… On the other hand I have new love for street photography. You never know what you image you are going to capture while you are walking down the street. Most people never even notice that you are taking their picture. Cause they are so consumed with their Blackberries and Iphones. I have made it my goal to get more into Street photography this year. I do all my processing myself. I do have many goal as a photographer… I would love to get published in a magazine, or have my work hanging in a gallery. But I will keep getting my camera out and take pictures. Cause I know every time I hit the shutter button or the button on my cable release. I know I am one step closer to being the accomplished photographer I know that I can be. I am not going to stop until I succeed in making this my profession. I hope you all enjoy my work.

  • Joined: November 2009