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I’m a graduate from Taidekoulu Maa in Helsinki, Finland.

Art for me is about aliveness. Painting and drawing is a way to illustrate experiences, solve puzzles, defuse intensity, marvel at beauty, feel my way through vulnerability, experiment with contrasts, hoping to find my way from the personal to the universal.

There is this wilderness inside of me, tigers, ravens, worms, giraffes, hippos, unicorns and elephants among others turn up illustrating ideas I read about, spiritual or emotional insights from my life and energies in the places I visit. My imaginary friends poke fun at me. They make me laugh at my troubles or melt in recognition. I “get” a picture or an idea & go to work.

The contrasts of pain and laughter, mess and beauty, happiness seeking and hidden shame are things I notice in the world and people around me.

I’ve worked as a cashier, youth worker, life coach, youth counsellor on the internet, ice cream seller, graphic designer in building automation, native language teacher and other things. I love talking to people about what makes life worth living, dive straight into what matters most and find common ground. My two kids and the beloved engineer whom I’m married to keep me grounded in everyday life, laundry piles and the small details that anchor all the artmaking.

I believe art makes inner knowledge visible and opens up doors that weren’t there before.

What you see here in my portfolio is what moves me to create. Thank you for visiting my particular lane of imagination <3

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Turquesa de ftalocianina on cadmium fuzzy robe, thoughts about shame

Today I put on the soundtrack for Phantom of the Opera. The music helps me paint when I am feeling like a car on fire. I chose to continue on a piece that I painted many years ago, dealing with shame that was keeping me from expressing anything at all. / Shame about who I really am. My vulnerability, intensity of feeling, the passion I sometimes barely contain within me and the sensitivity that a…
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When everything goes to hell in a purple wallet - let it

This week was hard. Like somebody punching me after I’ve just fallen down on black ice and hit my nose, especially having worked the whole year making no-slip shoes. Alanis Morrisette “Isn’t it ironic?” kind of stuff. Oh well, this was just concerning the financial aspects of life, which I wanted to learn about anyway. So I was asking for it. Kind of. / This morning I woke…
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Near sightedness, walking home from school and other ways to become an artist

I’m painting today. Finally. Sometimes being stubborn sucks, especially when it keeps me stuck in inactivity instead of moving stale energy. Anyway, I’m waiting for the paint to dry so I can dig in again and I started thinking about two core things for me in making art. / One is near sightedness. When I paint I often whip off my glasses and just enjoy how the colors jam together. Anot…
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A Life Without Force, 2011

There is something new I’m exploring. A life without forcing energy or pushing for/against anything at all. I’ve been at it all of 2011, choosing what I focus on carefully in order to expand my own well-being. For years, when I’ve read my notes before the change of the new year, I’ve noticed that the writing has been filled with anguish and worry, despite all being relativ…
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