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I am a figurative artist..working in traditional mediums such as pastel on paper, oilson canvas, and sculptural mediums such as ceramics. I also use digital pens to draw and design.Using these mediums I seek to express my surroundingsweaving a tapestry of colours through my work and seeking out the abstract elements alongside the movement of line to form an emotive response. I will also use symbolism to help create the stories within my work.

Magicians of Still Life
June 2014 Invitational Exhibition

Still Life Paintings group
sponsored by Solo Exhibition

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I'm delighted to have my still life's included alongside these talented artists

See my work in the ‘Magicians of Still Life’ exhibition, / sponsored by Solo Exhibition, / curated by Beatrice Cloake
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Still life workshop studio

I’d like to extend an invitation to visit my workshop studio here on solo exhibition’s 2014 / Workshops. / I’m currently participating in solo exhibitions workshop studios I’ve decided to do the still life workshop and have set up my own image in my studio to interpret / Maria Paterson workshop studio / I’m using water mix able oils on canvas / WIP 4
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Host hullabaloo

5th Annual Host Hullabaloo! / Spring 2014 @ Solo
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Made front page!

How exciting, my Pastel made it onto the found page this morning, such a lovely surprise
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