Can anyone please help me with MAC computer detail? Got it.... thank you for your help!!

I have a new MAC computer and have not been able to find how to get to properties of an image. When you want to upload a matted or framed version of your image to the image page. I know in PC you make a right click and go to properties, then copy paste it and then edit the image page and add it with “!” before and after. OK. How do you do this with a MAC?
OK…. Got it! Thanks soooo much to all who helped. Great to have cooperation from you. Haydee


  • Sandra O'Connor
    Sandra O'Connorover 4 years ago

    Hi Haydee
    Go to your MAC preferences, select mouse and here you can set right click up. Then it works just the same as with a PC. Hope that helps.

  • Thank you sooo much, Sandra!!

    – Haydee Yordan

  • Barbara Ingersoll
    Barbara Ingersollover 4 years ago

    Haydee, Hold down your Control key when you click and hold on the image. A menu opens and down near the bottom is “copy image address.” I use Safari and assume it is the same with other browsers. :)

  • Thank you Barbara…. I just figured it out…. after a long time of trying different alternatives. Yes, after you click copy image address, then you go to the image page, press edit, paste the image address and use the !
    Thank you… Haydee

    – Haydee Yordan

  • Aartistic
    Aartisticover 4 years ago

    hi! i have an iMAC Snow Leopard,
    it’s completely different from windows where you right click and copy properties.

    all you have to do is right click and select Copy Image Address
    then place your mouse pointer where you want it to appear, and Right Click and select Paste

    put that code between !! exclamation points

    then type a :

    to copy the URL of the image Right Click and select Copy Link
    put the mouse pointer directly after the last :
    in the image code, and Right Click and select Paste

    tighten up the code to remove spaces and the image will appear as a clickable image directly linked to the URL address you have entered

    here is an example, i will copy/paste your avatar here without ever having the leave this page!

    !×4...! :

    It is really simple and easy!!

  • Thank you K…. I got it! a million thanks for explaining and for your time. Haydee

    – Haydee Yordan