i made another book!

dear friends,
here is a new book that I’d love to share

any input is always welcome,

Thank you


  • Farfarm
    Farfarmover 2 years ago

    Fabulous project Marianna ! Now you have many pictures to post here in RB….wow….a whole new set ! Love them all, and they create very good the mood of a driving society that the US is…so different from other countries.

  • Thank you dear Michel!!! wow! you love them all!!! I’m so truly happy to know that – you are amazing photographer, so it means a lot :)

    – Marianna Tankelevich

  • Adam Bogusz
    Adam Boguszover 2 years ago

    I always love images of people when they have no idea they are being captured. People always put on a mask when they realise they are being photographed which can be interesting too. I love this collection of yours…I’ve never been to LA [haven’t left Australia to be honest]…I can only imagine what a strange and wonderful mix of people it must be.

  • yes yes yes! i love candid shots! thank you sooo much dear Adam for all your support now and always! I’m really lucky to have it :D And LA is indeed a very strange mix, you are always welcome here by the way :)

    – Marianna Tankelevich

  • geof
    geofover 2 years ago

    a beautiful book, Marianna – great work ! Great pics of drivers, their cars and people on the street. Looks like the very best way to pass the time when stuck behind the wheel.

  • Thank you so much Geof for checking it out and writing comment! I’m so glad you like it! and yes, it’s very exciting to use the annoying situation for some interesting project! with traffic here I might be able to make several volumes, haha!

    – Marianna Tankelevich

  • Ina Mar
    Ina Marover 2 years ago

    I love your spontaneous shots and i love your book and this gives me the motivation to make a photo book too :)

  • Thank you! That’s wonderful Ina! You are so creative – I will be waiting for your book!

    – Marianna Tankelevich

  • WoolleyWorld
    WoolleyWorldover 2 years ago

    Great shots Marianna!

  • Thank you Maree :D

    – Marianna Tankelevich

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelover 2 years ago

    With each turn of the page I expected to see someone I knew!

  • lol! I should keep shooting and the chances will increase :)

    – Marianna Tankelevich

  • Franck Balestracci
    Franck Balestr...over 2 years ago

    Superb realisation Marianna !
    I really like this kind of spirit “road movie” it reminds me of the style of great filmmaker Wim Wenders !
    Yes All the serie is Superb !

  • I love Wim Wenders! thank you so much dear Franck! so glad you like it !!!!

    – Marianna Tankelevich

  • 1more photo
    1more photoover 2 years ago

    i want to make blurb books for ages, but always hesitate…….

    and yours is so full of life
    of “real” life
    it gives me energy

    I love this idea that in some images, you just show all what “we” are
    even if “we” wherever we come from, would find different atmospheres

    great concept
    fabulous photos
    because some them exist as “1” , they are so fabulous
    and then there is, like in the movie, the way they interact with others (oops, hope you understand what I mean)

    great great great work

  • Dear Magali,
    sorry it took me so long to write back…
    first of all – PLEASE don’t hesitate to make a book! – your images with your words and titles are amazing, unique and poetic…they are much more daring because it’s always something personal and deep and that’s why we all can relate and gratefully admire….
    secondly, I understand what you mean and so happy you think so! Your reaction is giving me huge encouragement!!!! because in spite of me putting it all out there I am full of doubts…( of course)
    THANK YOU, dear friend!!!!!!

    – Marianna Tankelevich

  • kenroome
    kenroomeover 2 years ago

    This is so fabulous I am left just silently admiring. I love this idea (and how you brought it to life) how we think our car provides a shield of invisibility around us, separating us from those on the street, who to often we see as some kind of vulnerability we have escaped. Your images show at once the individuality and vulnerability of us all. I guess not so silent after all. Great work!

  • Dear Ken,

    Your words are truly making me feel happy… I’m so grateful, that you found time to look at my book and write such a wonderful review! The way you expressed the idea of it is even better than my own explanation!
    Thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I’m sorry for such a late response…

    – Marianna Tankelevich