I was born in London, England and now live in Toronto, Canada.

Although I have always owned cameras – mostly Canon and Nikon 35 mm..I was always the Accidental Tourist with a camera ruining most shots. Once in a while, I started to see nature and situations with another vision but it was only with my first Canon digital did my mindset change.

I just love playing with my Canon Cameras – PowerShots A630 and now G11series.

I do not own Photoshop, Illustrator etc. 99.9% are shot as is. I try to capture the beauty of what is in it’s natural state.

When I look at all the glorious pictures on this RB, it reconfirms my beliefs in the true beauty of this world and sheer genius in creativity of the eye. Thank you all for enriching my life and giving me the best guided tour through your works of pure joy and dedication!

My images Do Not belong in the public domain. No image may be reproduced, copied, altered or used in any form without express written consent of Marian Bendeth. All rights reserved. All images © 2002 – 2013 Marian Bendeth

It would also be an honour to have others comment on my pictures.
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New sales

I sold 18 cards of my West Highland White Terrier, Brody in the past month. / I want to thank those individuals who enjoy his pictures and hope they bring a smile to their recipients too! / Many thanks! / Marian and Brody
Posted over 1 year – 10 comments

Happy 2014

Hello All, / We have just weathered an unbearable ice storm in Toronto and as the ice descended on everything, we also lost our power, heat, electricity etc. and basically lived in a dark ghost town of ice for the past week. / Many are still without power huddled in freezing homes and apartment buildings. / The only positives other than the decency and kindnesses of neighbours, friends and stran…
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Sold my first calendar!

I made a sale of my first calendar on RedBubble and it was of my Westie to another Westie owner so it really doesn’t get more flattering than that! / TheYearoftheWestie
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A grand win!

I posted a headshot of my West Highland White Terrier, Brody, here on Redbubble over the summer. / This picture was submitted to a photo contest to the Toronto Westie Rescue Walk and Fun day where 795 photos were submitted under different categories. / I am very proud to say that my picture won Best in Show, out of all the pictures submitted. It really was a remarkable day. / BrodyBestinShow
Posted almost 2 years – 10 comments