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Make a HDR of a single JPEG picture

I have not a programme that could handle RAW or HDR so I have to do it in Photoshop by myself.
I had describe it in the HDR forum a while ago but now I will show it.
Its much easier to show then just write. So I hope this works :)

I will try to do a tutorial for HDR image from a single JPEG file.

1. Open a copy of a picture you will use ( never use the original file)
2. Duplicate the layer in the layer palette. Drag it down to the button “create a new layer”
3. Set the background layer and name it Beginning ( here I have name it Början )
4. Go to the copy layer and do the shadow/highlights. The settings you could see in my picture HDR 1

5. Make adjustment layer (the fourth buttom from the left in the bottom of the layer palette) use the channel Mix. The settings you could see in my picture HDR 1.
6. Set the layer in mode: Luminosity
7. Make a adjustment layer and use the curves. The settings you could see in my picture HDR 1.
8. Make a adjustment layer and use brightness/contrast. The settings you could see in my picture HDR 1.
Move that layer to layer 3 in the layer palette.
9. Select the layer “Beginning” and duplicate the layer.
10. Do the High pass ( Filter/ Other/High pass ) The settings you could see in my picture HDR 2.

11. Set that layer on Mode: soft light
12. Select the layer “Beginning”
13. Do the Gaussian Blur and set the setting on 0,2 or what every you like for the picture.
14. Duplicate the layer “Beginning” and put this one on the top in the layer palette. Set the opacity to something like 20-25% or what you like best.

Now you have a HDR picture but it is a little extreme in the colours and noise.
You Flatten the image ( Layer/flatten image)
Duplicate the flatten image and work on the top layer.
Use the “Smudge Tool” ( R) to clean up the picture. I usually use a soft brush tool and set it on mode: normal and Strength 6%
Be careful with this one. Just tiny click and drag. Its important to follow the picture. If it is clouds you follow the smal parts and directions so that it looks natural.

I have made an photoshop action of it from 1-13
After the photoshop have done it I do the rest on myself.

If someone would like to have the photoshop actions just bmail me so that I could send it on a email to you. I dont think I could upload a .atn file on RedBubble.

Sorry for the bad quallity on the pictures but I could not it better.


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