I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and has been living here since 1998. I grew up in a smaller town in Sweden and I like being part of both “worlds”.
I live here with my boyfriend, my dog and my boyfriend’s two kids every other week. I have been interesting in taking photos since I was a kid.
Art to me is the way you choose to express yourself and to create the art is like therapy for me in some kind of way. I really believe that we all have to create and that it’s good for your soul to do so.

I get my inspiration from feelings, the surrounding, especially the nature and from my childhood. I think everything is so beautiful and I do have the ability to see something good and beautiful in everything. And I also gets inspired from all the other artists out there.
I get influenced everyday (who does not?) by everything I see, it can be a color, a person, a scent, a memory or so.
I am also very inspired by my niece, she is very creative in all kind of ways and she reminds me of myself when I was a kid.

Thanks for reading :)

~ Maria

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