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Mary Sedici

Mary Sedici

Seminole, Florida, United States


Dear Members

For the upcoming holidays I came up with an idea which I hope many of you will find doable, and support..

We are all coming from different cultures and religions, also I know that whether Hindi, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox, or any other religion, at the end of the year we all have a holiday we are celebrating. This is why, I am calling this project December – the Season of Giving and Shearing
Soon, the air will be filled with the spirit of all these wonderful holidays, and we all can make a difference by shearing love and gifts.

RedBubble is a wonderful community, where artists meet, get to know each other, offering unconditional support to fellow artists. I am quite sure that many friendships, personal relationships, as well marriages (at least I know about one) have been born here
My project calls for a bit more – make a gift to a fellow artist. How this can be achieved?
Very simple: by purchasing a product, such as a greeting card, poster, calendar, etc
It is all about your budget and financial possibilities. I understand that the whole world is struggling around financial issues, but we can spare here and there a few cents, and make one single purchase in the next weeks.
We all know how happy everybody is getting when selling. It is not about monetary reward, but the fact that someone appreciated our work and selected it from a gazillion of other excellent artworks.
This brings the real satisfaction. When the sales happen in December, it brings even more joy and happiness. This is what we can share

Since we have plenty of time, would be nice to figure the best way out we can make this campaign work.
What we can do: have a jar, and place all the changes left from shopping. Very soon you’ll have more money there then expected.
Planning the purchase is another thing. What do you intend to do with the card? Send it out as card for the holidays, or keep it for yourself? Please consider the shipping time.
I am taking the chance to ask you all to participate in this project by your best abilities.

In the view of this project, I started some challenges in the groups I host and co-host. The Holiday season challenges will be running constantly till the end of the year.

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