Drinking and Drawing

So, I will blame my misadventures last night on getting a drawing done for a client. There’s a funky little bar i’ve been going to since before i could even drink… just to hang out and draw. Over the years it turned into more beer than drawing, which is kinda sad. I knocked off work early yesterday, and painted for a few hours at a Haunted House (more like 5 acres of all sorts of cool stuff). Used bug spray this round too- although I hate chemicals, I hate the fact that I got eaten alive by chiggers on sunday more. Well, I got finished waaaay before I had planned to, so I figured," what the hell, I’ll head up to Icehouse and finish up some drawings."
Sat out on the porch, enjoyed the beautiful day, the inspiring surroundings, and more beer than is healthy for anyone. I knew I had too much when I could no longer use my little knife for sharpening my pencils. As it turns out, I probably had too much long before my uncoordination became noticeable to me.
I did finish the drawing, plus a few more, hence my most recent additions on this site. I don’t think I will be drinking again for quite a long time, though.

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