Problem viewing comments and favs

It seems most of the issues with the new RB format have been addressed, but I have a bit of a problem with how ‘Comments’ and ‘Favourites’ are viewed. Previously UNREAD comments and favourites showed up clearly, by being a different colour, now one cannot see which comments you’ve already replied to and which not, which results in often going to view the same comment or fav a couple of times, just to find you’ve already replied to the comment. Such a waste of time!

Another issue I’m having is that, every time I send a BubbleMail, I have to do it twice, it doesn’t go through the first time – I cleared the history, cookies, cache, etc. in my browser (FireFox 13.0.1) and it helped for a while but I’m back to the same issue again.

For anybody that is still having trouble negotiating RB and finding things, here’s a tip : When you DO find (lol!) the page you most frequently want to use, bookmark it and/or set it as your home page in your browser. then every time you connect to the internet, it will take you to your favourit RB page or you can just click on that bookmark.


  • Sue Nichol
    Sue Nicholabout 2 years ago

    My problem is with messages in groups, they remain red when I have viewed and left a message so now I don’t know which ones I have viewed and those i haven’t so I don’t see how I can keep up with it:(

  • Aaaah, that was ANOTHER question I failed to put up – I have the same problem Sue and Elizabeth and I have given up even trying to read group messages! If I happen to see a group message in my activity feed, I will go to it, other than that, sorry groups, can’t access your messages!

    – Maree Clarkson

  • Marsha Elliott
    Marsha Elliottabout 2 years ago

    What a fiasco this all is….I’m still trying to find out how RB justifies all this & how they feel it’s an improvement. Somehow I feel that in some way, it benefits only them.

  • I don’t mind change at all Marsha, if it works, that’s fine, but I have a major issue with glitches and things that don’t work properly! And not being able to find a group alphabetically is a MAJOR problem.

    – Maree Clarkson

  • CassyWykes
    CassyWykesabout 2 years ago

    Hi Maree, I found Comments and Favourites when you click on Activity (if that’s what you mean?) I can’t seem to find the “Who’s watching you” or “Who’s favourited your work” part…Ahhh, the fun of adapting and accepting changes hey?…lol

  • Hi Cassy, no, I know WHERE to get comments and favs, it’s when you click on ‘comments’ – they’re all the same colour and it’s difficult to know which comments one has to reply to. Previously all the UNREAD comments were in blue, so easy to see and to reply to. The same goes for people who have favourited your work, unless you remember who you’ve thanked already, there’s no way of telling whether you’ve been there or not.

    The ’Who’s following you’ and ’who’s favourited your work’ is under Activity….

    – Maree Clarkson

  • supernan
    supernanabout 2 years ago

    Been away a week come back and all is changed I’m sorry but I dont like it now I have to learn all over again lol x

  • Ha ha Nan! Geez, don’t turn your back for a second or you’ll be lost! But I’m sure we’ll get used to it in no time!

    – Maree Clarkson

  • Corri Gryting Gutzman
    Corri Gryting ...about 2 years ago

    Anyone know how to unwatch a forum that has been deleted?

  • Surely if it’s been deleted no more comments can be made and no more notifications will come up Corri…? Then you don’t have to STOP WATCHING that forum? I can’t even FIND forums I’ve started under ‘General Discussions’ of groups once there are no active comments! Ha!

    – Maree Clarkson

  • Corri Gryting Gutzman
    Corri Gryting ...about 2 years ago

    Yes, I also have discussions I can’t find.
    But for the deleted forums, apparently there were new comments and the forums were deleted with these new comments unread, leaving me deleted forum names on the list showing a number for new comments. No way to read them. No way to make them go away.(Hoping that made at least a tiny bit of sense.)

  • Yes, perfect sense! I also had that some time ago with a group – ha! think it will be stuck there till RB sorts the groups out….

    – Maree Clarkson