Problem viewing comments and favs

It seems most of the issues with the new RB format have been addressed, but I have a bit of a problem with how ‘Comments’ and ‘Favourites’ are viewed. Previously UNREAD comments and favourites showed up clearly, by being a different colour, now one cannot see which comments you’ve already replied to and which not, which results in often going to view the same comment or fav a couple of times, just to find you’ve already replied to the comment. Such a waste of time!

Another issue I’m having is that, every time I send a BubbleMail, I have to do it twice, it doesn’t go through the first time – I cleared the history, cookies, cache, etc. in my browser (FireFox 13.0.1) and it helped for a while but I’m back to the same issue again.

For anybody that is still having troub

A very UNIQUE Feature!!

I’m feeling particularly proud today! I’ve been featured as solo artist in Artists of Still Life, as well as FEATURED ARTIST on their front page. This in itself is great, but what is so wonderful is that Artists of Still Life is the first group EVER to also do a feature for me in my home language, Afrikaans. The link, in Afrikaans! is on their HomePage, but you can also view it HERE in their Forum.

Thank you so much to Sentimentum, hostess of “Artists of Still Life”, for this wonderful honour and for going to an immense amount of trouble in putting these wonderful pages together!!

'n Slag vir Afrikaans!

Ek voel besonders trots vandag! Ek is aangewys as solo erkende kunstenaar, asook erkende kunstenaar, in die group Artists of Still Life en verskyn op hulle voorblad, soos dit gewoonte is. Maar wat dit besonders maak, as dat hierdie groep die eerste groep ooit is op RB om my ook erkenning in Afrikaans te gee! Die skakel is op hul voorblad, IN AFRIKAANS!, maar julle kan dit HIER besigtig in hulle Forum. En daar is ook ’n $20 voucher verbonde aan hierdie erkenning, holladriehoe!!

Thank you so much to Sentimentum, hostess of “Artists of Still Life” for this wonderful honour!

How To Create As Easily As You Breathe...

How easy do you find it to create? Does your creative energy flow like the breath of a Buddhist meditating on a mountain top? Or is it more like a heavy smoker wheezing after a brisk run on a cold morning? Here are 5 steps to being able to create as easily and as naturally as possible:

Create every day
When you create erratically or only when you have time, you never allow yourself to get into a flow. Imagine breathing only once every 30 seconds, then holding your breath for 15, then inhaling a few short breaths, then holding it again for 10 seconds. This kind of stuttered and irregular breathing would make you anxious and highly strung! So create in the same steady and regular way you breathe. Start with creating every day for a minimum of 15 minutes, then build up slowly to creating more…

The 4 Seasons 1 - Winter

W&N watercolour on Bockingford 300gsm

It’s the middle of July (2012), and we’re stepping fully into winter now here in South Africa, so I thought I’d show a couple of my winter-themed artworks. Our veld fires will be starting soon, so lots more winter scenes to do before Spring settles in.

Winter in Tarlton

The Hope of Spring

Last Look at Winter

Winter Past

Winter up North

Charred Landscape

Ever-changing Palette

Why would you leave me?


What’s burning inside you

Winter Wonderland

Winter Bullrushes

Unusual Winter in South Africa

Just another Winter Scene

Imaginary Snow Scene

White Christmas

Veld fire over the mountains

Announcing Winter

Winter Moving In

Dating your art: How important is it?

29th April 2011 – FEATURED in The Weekly Wrap

I received a comment on one of my works the other day, saying how ‘brave’ I am to ‘deface’ my work with my name and date details I put on it. I was a bit taken aback, as it’s a habit I’ve been practising for years, way back to my child-hood, and probably stemming from my habit of journaling. My reply was tongue-in-cheek that I didn’t think ANY piece of art was so important that it couldn’t be ‘defaced’ by some writing, there’s nothing that’s been done that can’t be done again!

Then a couple of weeks ago I came upon this article at ArtBizBlog and I’ve never thought of it as such, but dating your work actually does make sense…

“Dating your artw…

I'm SO honoured, thank you! 11th Apr 2011

11th April 2011

A wonderful day today, cool weather, the bluest skies you can imagine and FEATURED ARTIST in ALL THINGS COFFEE ! Life could just not be any better! And what makes this so special, is the beautiful Featured Artist Page Pat Gamwell has put together. It has made me feel so special and I’m in awe to have been honoured in this way. It definitely is a highlight in my year I’ve been with RB and will treasure it always. Thank you once again Pat, I know all the hard work that went into putting this together!

Caffé Latte – My daily fix!

Ideas begin to move with Coffee

Be a coffee-drinking individual – Espresso yourself!

Coffee vintage Roses

Charred landscape

The Crow and the Butterfly

Painted Dog

Cocky Rooster

Dance the Tide

Scattered Daisy leaves

Now THAT would be pe

Has anybody else's RB lay-out changed...?

All my RB lay-outs have gone wonky in the description section! The hash # doesn’t work for making BIG letters any more, and all my words that are supposed to be bold by using the star , are just showing stars! Does that mean I have to edit all *500 of my works to fix it?!

And also the SHARE THIS button under the image doesn’t work properly either….. when I want to share to FB, it just gives a link and won’t show the image… and all this has happened since they introduced the PREVIEW button (a wonderful idea!) to comments. Do you think it’s an RB ‘bug’ and will go away or is there some help out there..? … oi vey!

Enjoying Bubble Collections!

Who else has already organised their COLLECTIONS on their profile page? Elizabeth Kendall and myself have spent almost the entire day grouping our works into various portfolios – what an EXTREMELY wonderful time we’ve been having!

After setting up some portfolios, discovering that that’s not what we want, deleting the lot, sending one another bubbleMails, finding out that I can just EDIT the name and delete by dragging and dropping the images to the bottom of the page, starting over again and re-doing the whole lot, eventually we got it to be to our satisfaction. And after ALL that, to find out that there’s a tutorial available! lol! Didn’t need it after having a most enjoyable time testing and re-testing and re-testing and dragging and dropping and finding …