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I was born in Europe and am now based in the Northern beaches.
I specialize in all kinds of Artistic/Nude/Glamour photography. I like to create images that are emotional, mysterious or passionate. I love Black & white but wander into the world of color at times. I love the energy when working on a shoot and love the spontaneous creativity that errupts in the moment. It’s a beautiful thing.
I’m also a musician/Songwriter and tend to be a bit of a rebel in my approach to the Arts.
You can check my music out at:

To support Mental Health awareness 50% of all Sales will go towards a mental health charity.
MMH (Modelling for Mental Health) is a project I have just started and hope to make a difference by showing that people with mental health can also be confident and sexy and beautiful.
All Models participating have been in some way affected by mental health issues at some point in their lives.

This cause needs your support.
I have personally battled Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar for most of my life and have lost many Friends over the years.
It can be a dark and lonely condition and the percentages of people affected are staggering to say the least.
It is not something that can be fixed with a pill.
It needs to be approached with a more open minded and unique perspective to fully understand the depths it can reach and how it can be seen as a benefit more than a ‘disease’.
I personally see it as a gift as people affected by such ‘diseases’ have a deeper insight and understanding of Human nature and see the world differently for a reason.
I will therefore be donating to charities that take different approaches to understanding this ‘condition’.

Well I Thank you so much for taking the time to view my work and for all of your comments, it means the world to me and I hope I have moved you in some way, stay true (-:

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