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Katoomba, Australia

Touring Europe

Our 3 month European festival tour is underway with romantic circus cabaret duo, Liqueur Flambé. So far have visited Belgium, Netherlands and UK.

No time for painting right now, but taking loads of photos, and accumulating lots of ideas for future work.

This is how we have been described:

The only acrobalance duo in the world to play stunt violin with their bows on fire. Imagine Louis XIV stranded in Buenos Aires… They combine circus, Tango and acrobatics in the most romantic setting possible. Their unique blend of genres has been said to deliver “a glorious moment of the heart”.

For those of you who are also on myspace, please visit us and make friends at

(you can click the blog link to see pics featured in Duth media)

Loads of good energy to you all!


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