Hardest Most beautiful Day

My brother and his wife just had their first child. This beautiful boy

I put this down on paper when I returned from a long day at the hospital then work.
It is strained, I don’t love the flow. But the sentitment is a start and, oh, anyway here it is:

Today was the first – hardest
Most beautiful day of your life
Watching your love cry in pain
She was turned inside out
Her cries cut you like a knife
To give you the greatest gift
On the First hardest most beautiful day of your life

It may be the next is
when you are helpless
As Your dear boy lies sick
helpless as you felt today
wanting to see him smile
waiting for him to
And when he improves, smiles, and regains his strength
Exhausted from the hardest day of your life
Thankful for the beauty of every breath

And the time will come when he goes off alone to school
You want to keep him home, he’s too young to ride the bus alone
But off he goes and it is hard to watch him walk away
He looks back and waves at you on this beautiful day
This, another hard and beautiful day.

Your heart will be broken when his is
Your pride will swell when he chooses his path
There will be days when you turn away,
so that the lessons he must learn
He will learn on his own.
Those, my brother, will be very hard days.

And when he learns from your love, your steady faith, your time,
you will know another beautiful day.
Congratulations as you are at the beginning of the hardest, most beautiful days of your life.

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