Hi I’m Mardi
I love to draw, paint, Hand build, ie, using:- clay, wood and lots ofother mediums.
I am passionate about getting out into the wilderness, as often as possible.
I live on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia, with my partner of almost 35 years. I have 2 grown up daughters, and 1 grand daughter, and her lovely dad. I see them every few weeks, when I stay weekends with them.
I was dabbling in art. as long as I can remember.! As a child my life took me with my family to many… sometimes very remote places, where with our very talented parents, 5 sisters, and 1 brother, we would entertain ourselves, in some extraordinary activities,. Music, Swimming, Climbing Mountains. Dancing, Singing Drawing characters, in the dust, telling stories, creating the scenarios, and acting them out. making it all up as we went along . was 1 of these.
Mixing coloured clays, to make Our paintings, and models.
Learning how to survive in these remote areas, Being responsible for ourselves, and each other.I hope viewing my works. Will be a pleasurable experience to all who visit them..
They are all for sale through this, my Red Bubble account.
I joined Red Bubble > April 2012.

Thanks for your visit.!!

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Always in my heart

Connected to our Mother, the Earth—- And You ! x
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