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Proud to belong to an "ALWAYS NEEDED" Profession

What a wonderful plan, to make a group for nurses and other medical professionals. I am a 49 year old CMA. (not to be confused with CNA) I am a Certified Medical Assistant. I love my job. I never returned to get my RN degree as I chose to have a family instead of college. 18 years ago, I was able to take a 4 hour test to “challenge” it to win my certification from the State Board of Nursing. I get to do all the things that an RN would do, (minus the paper work and responsibilities) I am a trained phlebotomist, I give injections, do EKG’s and order tests as directed by the doctor I work with. I have always worked directly with a Physician in a clinical setting and believe that the physician and his assistant should be a team. That definately gives the patient more trust and comfort if they can see team work in action. I have been in fields of Internal Medicine, General Surgery and now work with an Addiction Specialist. I have been to Guatemala with Cascade Medical Team for three weeks, two different years. I never stop learning and I love to face challenges. I love working with people. I ony wish that there were more hours in a day. I often feel sorry for my husband of 30 years who has never understood how a person can love their job. I only wish that all people in the medical field would be as compassionate and caring as we are taught to be. Sadly, because of the great demand for nurses and the medical profession in general, some of the people that this profession attracts are only in it for the money and are sometimes a little less caring then they should be. Or maybe that is just human nature rearing its ugly head? Anyway, these are my thoughts…. Happy to be a community servant …Martha

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