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Marda Bebb

Marda Bebb

Sherwood, United States

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A stay-at-home mom & grandma, who loves to accompany her “classic-car” photographer/husband (Bruce Bebb), to any car-show or cruise-in within driving distance!
I never thought I would love looking at old cars…( let alone find myself in front of a computer ‘till wee hours of the morning), but experimenting in photoshop has definately got me "hooked’.
I am also a musician & coffee-lover, so my idea of a good time is looking at a beautifully restored classic car, sipping on an extra-hot latte, (Hawaiian shave ice will do too), and groovin’ to a live blues, jazz, or oldies rock & roll band. Recently, I have enjoyed taking pictures of other “odds and ends” that catch my eye…
…..so much to photograph, so little time :)
Life is good.

  • Age: 62
  • Joined: October 2008