Thanks for the good luck!

Just a big thank you for welcoming my work to this site; I have already found friends from Down Under all the way to Sweden! It is nice to have your work noticed by fellow artists, and it is also very stimulating to discover all this good artwork from all over the place; Art is no longer the thing of the art critics (which have proven themselves wrong so many times through the centuries)nor the galleries, it is now given back to the artists via sites like this one!
10 years ago, the chances of me talking /exchanging ideas in a worldwide scale was unthinkable… Now, it has become part of my daily artistic life, and i love it, so thank you!!!
On top of that, you guys seem to have brought me good luck, I finally am to receive an award from the Salmagundi Art Competition in New York!!!
Thanks for that too! ;-)

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  • Jean M. Laffitau