For My Lips

Written on the train on the way back to work, as I thought about the absurd names given to lipsticks. It’s never just ‘red’ or ‘pink 345’ it’s something that wants to make love to your lips. Quite comical really

Shine, gloss, luxurious and light reflective
all these qualities you have promised me
in smooth glide on sticks, gels and butters
all with names that seduce me.

Shades, only differing slightly from each other
yet so distinct in character and variety.

The colours of a rose
however, like the namesake
one word alone is insufficient for description.

Full Blush,
a soft pink, the underside of a parrot’s wing
also apparently incredibly moist
beautifully smooth and gently full

Desert Plum
dark and earthy, twist to expose
a bevelled edge, unsheathed
creamy, hours of wear, long lasting satisfaction

And amidst glittering sparkles is
Lingering Dusk
shiny, sweetly scented and the hottest red
red like plastic hookers heels.

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