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I use to paint on tshirts for fun as a kid, that ended with highschool. then went to college couldn’t find a job in my field and have been doing retail work since then. I picked up drawing again after I found out there was websites such as redbubble that actually sold custom shirts and products. my first few attempts where rather week and tame. it took me a while to get into what people might like and started to realized I should just do what I want to do and eventually the people who like what I do will find it. that is all that matters to me. if you buy something of mine I hope you truly like it and that it brings a smile to your face.

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journal what ?

never really done a journal really not sure what to start with. Guess I will just wing it then. I have noticed I have a bad habit of “finishing” a design only to later realize its not popular or that I am the only one in the world that likes it. However much I really am happy with it I do want to share my happiness with others but that’s hard to do if they don’t like it…
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