Mandy Disher
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New website

Finally got mynew website, Mandy Disher Photography to view. Please pop in and have a look. Probably will move things around in it as I’m still playing with the different layouts but for now I’m quite pleased with it. / Mandy
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Photo Artist Textures

Anyone interested in learning more about texture skills will love Leslie Nicoles new blog, / Leslie shares with us her brilliant knowledge of Photoshop as she explains how to create and work with textures in her fantastic tutorials. / Leslie has also created a great set of textures free to download and use. / One of many features of her blog will be a series of photographer interviews. I was kin…
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Stolen work on Flickr

Browsing Flickr tonight and came across a stream by someone called Allegra and noticed several photos belonging to Redbubblers on it. / Check it out to see if any of yours are there, some of Ellens ratties and Nicole Goggins photos were a few I recognised. / Mandy
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