MANDELL MAULL born 1973 in Detroit, Mi raised in Los Angeles, Ca inner city. "I believe art is my gift to the world, I started drawing from age 4 and then started painting seriously at age 18 and never stopped evolving. As life changes my art evolves and is influenced by life experiences. I am a Cancer survivor diagnosed with leukemia in 1994, had A bone marrow transplant in 2002 that left me A little handicapped which is limited mobility of my limbs and extremities however, I am still able to create beautiful art. Now in 2008 my health has improved miraculously. I was taught by other artist how to make my work my own but the talent is definitely God given. In every painting there is a light source which is intended to bring life and Light into a room, each painting has an image within an image also has a story within A story. I challenge the viewers to open up their hearts and minds. I have done many group art shows and have had solo exhibitions in Santa Monica, Ca North Hollywood and Hollywood to mention a few. Please enjoy my work. MANDELL. also on facebook
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