Hi welcome to my website a portfolio packed with “Unique Landscape views” Showcasing High Quality Fine Art photographs from my travels. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back often as the content is being continually updated.

ManateeVoyager a travelling Landscape photographer from the South of England on a voyage of discovery around Europe’s coastline in his sailboat Trelawney. View Destinations such as Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar and the Western Mediterranean with both landscape and cityscape photographs in both colour and Black and White.

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Some of my most popular images:

The Jetty

Binstead Jetty Sunset

Redwings At Rest

Fort Redoubt Sunset

Purple Bembridge

Cathedral Cafe

Guiding Light

Quinta do Lago The Wooden Bridge

The Guiding Light

Grottos At Ponta Piedade Portugal

Snowfields Of Faro

Clifftop Ravines, Lagos

In The Beginning

Sea Of Green

Faro City Hal

The Ferryman

The Storm

Fincas On The Rio Guadiana

The Dell

MY Jamaica Bay


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exif data

I wonder why it is that RB does not use the exif data that is contained in photo uploads. Other POD’s take Title description and keywords from the exif so uploading a photo is a piece of cake. Those who use a computer will wonder what the problem is just copy and paste from lightroom and your soon there. Those of us who have no permanent internet connection face a real problem with trying t…
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Magic Lantern v2.3

After a lot of thought and reading up on the internet I finally took the plunge and decided to give Magic Lantern Firmware (ML) a go on my Canon 5D mk ii. The deciding factor for me was ML’s ability to increase the 5D ii Std AEB from 3 shot ± 2 EV upto a maximum 9 shot AEB with an EV range of upto ±5 plus an auto detect mode where you take the first shot and the software works out how many …
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Welding Glass ND Filter

The big Lee 10 stopper ND filter works out an expensive piece of equipment, first you have the filter itself add a holder to put it in plus the adapter ring to suit your lens and you are talking over £150 before you can even get out and try it. So what are the alternatives if you want to shoot long exposures to blur those clouds and give water that silky sheen / Read more at my Blog: http://www.m…
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Slide Show Or Slider One Mans Dilemma!!

From my Blog : / http://manateevoyager.weebly.com/blog.html / Website Front Page: / http://manateevoyager.weebly.com / Slde Show or Slider? That was the question and a slide show on the front page of the website just didn’t have the wow factor. / The container it sat in was always too large resulting in wasted space above and below and tweaking the CSS did not resolve the problem. / Weebly …
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