I would like to show you Girl with a pearl necklace – a special painting for me.
It’s a portrait of my grandmother – Mary. This old rare photo taken in far 1932 (when she was only 2 years old) some kind of a family relic and I’ve tried as accurately as I could to reproduce her expression. Expression of a child trusted to wear mother’s jewelry.

NEW works

Hello my art-friends,
after some break I have made a series of new additions to my art-portfolio.
The 1st one is very special to me, a portrait of my grandma in the age of 2 years
Girl with a pearl necklace

Next one inspired by “Great Gatsby” novel
Gatsby lady

3-d one – b&w portrait of one of my favorite actors Michael Fassbinder

Feel free to leave your comments here or under any of the art-works.


Can anybody explain why copy/paste photos of celebrities (habitual thing in RB) are not considered as copyright infringement, while a company name (I had no idea about, but anyway recognized my fault) in the illustration, yet is ?
Share your experience, if you have ever faced same type, not very pleasant situation.
Thank you


Just sold one print of vintage Dietrich ! Great present for a Christmas and a New
Year !
Hope anonymous buyer enjoy his/her art-gift.