LIFE is a Mystery
Wrapped in an Enigma
Surrounded by a Quandary
All in the shape of a Question Mark

It is often more Question than Answer
more Doubt than Faith
It is defined by Contradiction,Paradox
Ambivalence and Oxymoron
-Richard S. Gilbert

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The further into the future we get / the deeper we delve into our dreams / will it harbour thrill or threat / the more Surreal reality seems / Our selves will become shells / Mechanical Minds, Silicon Souls / Metal movements in empty wells / Wisdoms Wonder will fill deep holes
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Drag Relief Christchurch Earthquake Event

The Queens drag it to the forefront / Christchurch Earthquake Appeal This Easter Sunday / Drag Queen Show, Dinner, Dancing, Drinking, Auction / Melbourne Australia
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Bubblestuff for Xmas

I love shopping on line…..because: i can casually take my time, avoid all the pushing shoving crowds and i hate wrapping presents.
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Mind can’t Think / TV on the Blink / Dishes in the Sink / Lovelife on the Brink / Armours got a Chink / Kickin’ up a Stink / Badly need a Drink / and Forty Winks / No wonder I’m Bored!!! / Boredom Competitions on the 24/7 / Thanks for Featuring Earth For Sale / The Earth Auction was cancelled due to Lack of Attendance and Interest
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