As a child, I spent most of my time living either in Aberdeen Scotland or Africa (Nigeria, Lybia, Zambia, South Africa) My father was an entomologist, hence all the travelling. Having spent so much time in the bush as a child (Africa, not Scotland), I naturally developed an interest in nature which reflects in my photos. I am also a photographic generalist who likes to experiment with various genre such as architecture, vibrant colours and unusual viewpoints. After completing a Hotel Management course in South Africa, I left to go to Switzerland to further my experiences. I have lived here ever since.
I believe in keeping the images as natural as possible so that the viewer can feel what I felt while taking them, fascination and respect. Enjoy….

Please feel free to visit my website….www.photicart.ch

self portrait by mamba

I have something to say too by mamba

green tree python by mamba

yes, I’m orange! by mamba

my charm is in my smile by mamba

Red-crested Pochard by mamba

walking on tiptoes by mamba

puffed up by mamba

footprints in the Namib by mamba

melting icicles by mamba

♪ somewhere over ♫ the rainbow ♪ ♫

shut that door! by mamba

groomed tree standing proud by mamba

Biplane in the Alps by mamba

Karoo Sunset by mamba

Pathway to Glarus by mamba

My favourite secret Swiss Lake by mamba

Strasbourg in Bloom by mamba

Anyone at Home? by mamba

Inseparable ‘Sole’ Mates by mamba

Mellow Yellow by mamba

Full moon over Aberdeen pier by mamba

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