Hello all,

my name is Jörg though on the internet I also answer to Malaskor.

I’m based in south-west Germany, enjoying the great region I live in. My photographic interests lie mainly in Nature, Landscapes and (old) Architecture, but I’m trying to expand this.

My main photo gear is a Canon EOS 40D backed up by a Mamiya 7 (which I don’t use often enough). I also use a Canon EOS 500 camera for analog 35mm film.

My main internet presence is on dA where I will usually post first, but in turn I’ll try to only add the best here :)

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What a good time - and something cool to see

Yay, first journal here :) / Firstly my thanks to all those of you who have favorited or commented on my photos, it is always a joy to receive some reaction and feedback, even more so when it is so positive. / Then the season, this autumn was one of the most beautiful falls I had the joy to experience in the last couple of years – the light was often fantastic and the colors of the trees w…
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