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Maksym Hlushko

Maksym Hlushko

Joined November 2010

I have always been fascinated by the unceasing interplay of people and the world around.

It is amazing how company of good friends can make us see surroundings in different light. As if friendship spilled over onto the buildings, sea shore and hills. Or how serene landscape allows us to share in its peace. As if we became one with it.

Capturing these moments has been my passion for many years.

My name is Maksym and I live and work in Melbourne, Australia hence most of the pictures are from Victoria.

Thank you for visiting my bubble!

You can see my other work or contact me via the following:
Web: http://www.maksymphotography.com.au
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All pictures are under © Maksym Photography All rights reserved therefore cannot be reproduced or used without prior permission from myself. Please shoot me an email if any questions.

  • Joined: November 2010