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Street photography (digital):

stranger in paradise
(collected in RB book In the Moment)

kindness in darkness
(collected in RB book Compassion, Courage & Friendship)

Black and white film:


street scene 7

Color film:

a street of traditional style


Digital B&W:

Rainy street


old sketch 4

still life

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Football as a "game"

Some news about Chinese football which I almost never watch: / News1 / News2.
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Plagiarism and award

The news. / It didn’t surprise me at all. I have been keeping a distance from the “Chinese Photographers’ Association” and the like.
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News from Iran

Some news from Iran.
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Le Ballon Rouge (1956)

A great short film by French writer and director Albert Lamorisse (1922-1970). He experienced the cruelty under the occupation by Nazi. There were painfully memories of the destructive inhumanity during the war. There were also disappointments of the post-war social and political life that was filled with violence and aggression. All these left scar in the heart of the artist. And he made the mag…
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