I am born in Norway but move to Sweden in 1990.
My interests are:
Photography, Norwegian rosepainting, oil painting, watercolor, reading, archeology, history, world cuisine, poetry, music, nature, stones, astronomy, computers, travels, my family and many more.
It is unbelievably much to see and I love all living creatures. I like to photograph landscape, people, flowers and many more things.
I also have a photoexhibition several and others in Norway and Sweden, and exhibitions of rosepainting in Norway.

I love to travel, to sozialize, see and experience another culture, visit museums and archeology areas.
In My spartime I like to read books or some interesting newpapers.
I like listen to music from; All the world, Irish music, classical music, opera, orientalic music, didgerido, dancebands, pop, soft-/classic rock, reaggae, blues, new age, classical and m.m. ;-D

  • Joined: December 2007