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Photojournalist Chris Hondros Killed in Libya

I had the privilege of meeting him (briefly) and hearing him speak at an exhibition in Pittsburgh in 2007. He was an amazing photographer and I think everyone would enjoy seeing his work. He immortalized the struggles and the courage of people living in the turmoil in war. You may not recognize his name but most Americans will remember his photo of the American flag being burned in Pakistan.

Pay tribute to a great photojournalist by taking a few minutes to look through the galleries on his website Chris Hondros

He was 41 years old and was killed with his friend, and fellow photojournalist Tim Hetherington who had been nominated for an Oscar this year for a documentary about US troops in Afghanistan. It is called “Restrepo.” His site is Tim Hetherington

It appears all his images have been removed except for the rotating ones on the front page.

Please pray for the families of these two great photographers who daily put their lives at risk to document history as it happens.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER: Photojournalists document news and history. They are not there to make political statements for either side. Please do not make any derogatory comments about them shooting war photography. Any such comments are totally unacceptable.


  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jacksonover 3 years ago

    So sad Judith, thankyou for taking time to share this with us.
    Massachusetts just lost a student videotaping on a roof, while he was nowhere near the caliber of these two, it must remind us to always be aware of our surrondings, and to take care of our selves.
    I shall pray for these families, and hope that they know that their loved ones work is a legacy to us all.
    God bless, Linda

  • There’s no telling what accomplishments that student might have made. That’s very sad. You are so right about being aware of or surroundings. I fell down a waterfall just a few years ago… it was a huge ouch!

    – Judith Hayes

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jacksonover 3 years ago

    I can imagine! ouch! I think mike dawson did that also! I know Jamie (voluntary ranger) had a bad spill a little over a year ago. just now getting over it! take care, Lj

  • Odille Esmonde-Morgan
    Odille Esmonde...over 3 years ago

    It’s always the good ones who are lost because they are in the thick of the conflict. Tim’s site has now disappeared – sad really. However if you google his name you see a lot of his fine images.

  • I’m sure his family has taken it down temporarily until they can get through this terrible shock. Hopefully, someday they will restore it in his honor.

    – Judith Hayes

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jacksonover 3 years ago

    They also did a very nice piece tonite on ABC evening news.

  • That’s good. They were both exceptional journalists. I saw a news feature also, but I think we were watching a cable channel. It was alsovery nice. They died doing what they loved and lived to do and their photography made an impact on many people’s lives.

    A toast to Chris and Tim…Thank you both for the amazing contributions you gave to the world of journalism. May yor work continue to have an impact for good and for the goal of peace, always. Goodnight… rest in peace.

    – Judith Hayes