I’m self learned image maker who has been drawing and painting since teen years, with various materials.

My ‘career’ includes commisioned portraits, numerous
illustrations and years in advertising as a graphic designer, ending up having my own business.

No matter my style looks simply as “traditional”, my current works has been produced with computer and softwares,
so I’m not in the box “traditional artist”.

But not a “digital artist” either, because I’m not specificly interested about signal processing and possibilities of softwares, I simply use them as a contemporary tools to create My Art.

They are my pen, brush and canvas at the moment.

I could call myself as a “contemporary artist”, as my style is not necessary “modern” either.

My works spans from figuratives to abstracts, what ever I feel at the moment to create.

It’s natural to me to distribute art I make, I don’t like idea of “originals” stored in some vaults.

This shift in consciousness with internet and print on demand -sites are creating a huge paradigm change in culture and visual arts, art is to be seen and experienced, not to own as a status symbol to measure material wealth.

Works of my partner Kari

  • Joined: January 2009