I am a photographer and graphic designer from Norway. I live with my family in Horten, one hour from Oslo.

My photo “The endless walk”: Digitalwinner and present in the first Red Bubble-book. “In the moment”

My photo “The Underground”:
Selected in the nr two book from Red Bubble: “Gaia”

  • Joined: October 2007


Mother tree on the front page

My last photo “mother tree” is to day september 17 – 2009 posted at the first pages most popular art last seven days. / Thanks to all you bubblers and yours comments about my photo.
Posted about 6 years – 23 comments

Burried in snow is featured

My photo “Burried in snow” is posted on the front of the Red Bubble homepage. / A real surprise.
Posted almost 7 years – 27 comments

Escape to the top

Just now, thirsday 9. september 15.30 Norwegian time, my photo “Escape” have been running to the most popular photo last week here on red bubble. I want to thank all you bubblers who have visit my bubble and even more… left a comment.
Posted about 7 years – 21 comments

Featured future

My photo about global warming “The future” was featured to day. Thank you all.
Posted about 7 years – 35 comments