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Hi everyone :o))
It is April 24th 2015
As I sit looking out the window at a snow storm, I thought I must tell my RB friends, I thought spring had come, but now it is snowing and blowing, the ground is white again..
Oh No, winter go away! Give us some nice balmy warm spring days, we have had enough of snow and wind and cold! I was just beginning to be able to go out doors without bundling up, and we got hit again, brrrr.
OK, enough complaining! warm weather is sure to come again, (it has to) this set back is just to let us know we live in Saskatchewan! If we don’t like the weather, we just wait a few hours and it is sure to change, but for better or worse… who knows!

Ah that feels better, being able to vent on about something that we can’t change, but we CAN hope.
Have a…


Thank you to the person who bought a pair of leggings, you really made my day! I hope you enjoy them Thanks again, :o)) God Bless, Mae

Thanks...surgery done... at home

Hi, just want to let everyone who was praying for me that I had surgery for colon cancer on the 23 of Jan 2015 and I came home on the 26th of Jan 2015. feeling great,
I had absolutely no pain and no pain meds. The Lord had His hand guiding the Dr, and His angels surrounded me.
I am still a little weak and get tired easily, but am coming along just great, And, Yes, I am taking it easy and doing as I’m told!
Thanks again! I so appreciate the support, :o))) God Bless,Mae
Isn’t my teddy cute?

Happy New Year

I want to want to wish everyone on RB a very Happy New Year.
I would also like to ask you for your prayers for my daughter-in-law, she has cancer really bad, and she is so young. only in her 40’s. and I would appreciate your prayers as well for myself, I found out on Dec. 8th that I have cancer, too. I am feeling very tired, so don’t know just how much I will be on here, but will try to check in as often as I can.
My prayer for all is a good, healthy, happy New Year.:o)) God’s Blessings to all.

HELP! I can't get up load to work.

When I try to load an image, it shows on all the products, but the description area is only half there and there is no save work button at the bottom. Can’t edit anything, as there is nothing showing in that area. I’ve been trying for three days to get images up loaded.

Where Did The Signs Go?

Can anyone help me? The Bubble mail and follow signs have disappeared from my profile page, would anyone have an idea what happened to them? All I see there is ‘tweet’. Crumb, I’m not a bird and I don’t tweet!! LOL. no-one can send me a bubble mail without the sign. Thanks in advance, :o)) God Bless,Mae

Sales in Aug.

I wish to thank the people who have bought products with my designs on them in the month of Aug. 2014, I am happy you like my stuff enough to buy it and am truly appreciative. you.ve made my days! :o)) God Bless, Mae

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