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i am a outsider artist i have painted at lest 3000 painting 3000 colored drawing 200 ceramic plates i have done art in many forms for 30 years as a hobby— i am totally self taught , having the first year of my painting ,copied or did renditions of the masters-until i had confidence to try my own voice in art. i worked during the day,and at night i,d go to my art area-and work to late every night for years. i love so many styles that i have tried them all- i did a art game called-mailart- for a number of years for fun and got invited to many countries of the world- to send my cartoons art pieces-so- fine art-funart-folkart-and all the others ways to arrive at art i have taken- i hope all on this redbubble have as much fun as i have had creating wonders and some blunders if you want more information-on my other interests

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art and madvlad

this my creto—on art and my art long ago as a young man, i was brought up on a beautiful island on the east coast of the u.s.a. called cape ANN, it had two art area,s on the island ,so i was exposed to art early in my life a wonderful man who was one of the great scluptors of the country, was a friend, and he introduced me to the arts- for years the art idea laid dormant in me, i wen…
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