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Rochester, United States

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Hi, My name is Bryan McLaughlin, I live in Rochester, New York. Home of George Eastman and Eastman Kodak. I am an avid hiker and photographer of Mother Natures many beautiful wonders. I love capturing wildlife, insects, flowers, landscapes and what ever else catches my eye as amazing or spectacular. I wish everybody in the world would just sit back and enjoy the beauty that’s all around us each and everyday. I have met many friends, who are truly amazing and talented people through their photography and I treasure their wisdom and images. Most of my images are taken with the Pentax K20d, Canon 40d and Kodak P850 and Z740. I also use many varieties of film cameras Pentax, Canon, and Nikkormat. Although, I sell some of my images on Redbubble all prices are negotiable. I’m not looking to make money here. If your interested in anything please feel free to contact me. I only want you to enjoy my work while I in return enjoy yours. Finally I would like to say Thank You!!!! for all who comment on my images it is truly and greatly appreciated.

  • Age: 57
  • Joined: September 2008