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Hi Everyone :)

I just helped my little sister Dakota DakotaRose put some more of her photoshop designs on T-shirts please have a look – she loves it when she gets views and comments. She is only 6 so gets very excited! lol / Thanks so much / Maddy. :)
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Please check out my little sisters work!

My little sister has been learning how to use photoshop and she has just started a red bubble site. She is only 6 but she knows how to use photoshop allready! / Please help her get some comments and views! / Thanks :) / DakotaRose
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Please...A Little Help?!

Hi everyone, / Just putting a link for my uncle’s work..he’s only just started adding work, and i know how hard it is to get anyone to look at it without a little help. / So i’m doing what was so kindly done for me by some lovely people when i first started putting work up. / So please guys help him get started like you all helped me / Kyle Stevens / Many Thanks, Maddy. :)
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