I have made a sale of 22 Greeting Cards

Thank you so very much to Evaloveart who bought 22 Greetings Cards of some of my paintings and made me a very, very happy woman :)

1 of : “My homage to Frida”, “Woman from here and there”, “Sophia de Mello Breyner – Why the poem speaks”, “Women´s Market”, “Sunflowers of my hope”, “Sunflowers of my hope II”, “Lilium calas”, “Invention of love”, “More than flowers she sells illusions” , “Pink hydrangeas” , "Study to “Waiting”, “Big-eyed woman with fruits”, “Hydrangeas”, “Callas lilies”, “Callas lilies II” , “Calla Lily II” , “Gypsy with green eyes” , “Frida with butterflies”, “Colored reflections” , “Frida portrait with dalias”, "Flora – Goddess of the Seeds ", and "The priestess of the occult "

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