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The path of a guitar to the color

This is a guitar, a artwork commissioned to participate in a exhibition of the opening of the new Talagante House of Culture.At various artists have been given a guitar, for use as support of a work of art. We can paint it, disarm it, break it, etc since you can see that in some moment was a guitar. No piece of my guitar is not “worked” with collage and textures. As collage I worked some papers, my own sketches, my handwriting and my own images, I mean my artworks images. For me a collage is more paint than collage elements. The paint is 60% or more of the painting.This work is a mixed media (acrylic and collage) on guitar.The title of the exhibition is a Chilean phrase “Another thing is with guitar” which means that something is very difficult.My proposal is a collage, a guitar “retrospective”, my path in life and art.Over a month ago I’m working hard on this guitar. The back, my relationship with Africa is almost finished and I’m a little tired. I still have so much to work…

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