marking the price down to 10% from 20% hopefully so i can sale some images.I hope you enjoy my images as i worked very hard to get the images i have in my gallery…

im a macrojunkie.dedicated to shooting high quality macro images.I use to breed praying mantids and untill now use to have breeders that send me bugs to shoot so i always had subjects to shoot on a daily basis.All images you see are shoots taken in the wild at summer time or shot indoors in the winter.I hope you enjoy my work as i worked very hard to get where i am today..

Canon 400d slr

Canon mpe-65mm macro lens (high mag shots 1-5X)

For more info on mpe-65 go to this link –

Canon 60mm macro lens (normall shots up to 1X)

Canon mt-24ex twin macro flash with home made diffuser

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How i shoot damselflies

Summer starts to aproch i get on my bike and head to the nature reserve or slow running streams.I go out in the morning(around 6am) Why do i do this?Simple,Most bugs slow right down when its cold.To the point they can not fly or move,This is the perfect time to shoot damselflies and many other bugs..I pull a reed off the reeds with a damselfly attached on to it.Then i use this clamp i bought to c…
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