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New here: Hello all

Hey everyone that is reading!

I’ve just arrived here at the bubble. I am going to enter at least one thing in this new bubble contest. Already about half way through the first one. It should be oklies.

Just a few questions if someone could answer them for me…

Swearing allowed?
Violent murder scenes?

I notice in the user agreement it states a few things but doesn’t state quite clearly more in law jargon (who understands that anyway?), which is regardless open to interpretation IE what I find offensive and you find offensive could be completely different.

Anyway I am a previous member of AP ( nice website quite full of little emo kids that don’t know how to take criticism and don’t know much about writing. And also a previous and current member of DA ( which is a love art site. I also suggest OP ( if you are interested in any number of no longer with us poets and writers.

Yes, I know those sites hardly add any credibility to me. =P

Please get back to me soon.


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