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Talent in Pencil

I would like to invite all to visit an artist extraordinaire, at first glance, second AND third for that matter, I was convinced that Clive is a B&W photographer. He has the ability not only to create his images extremely accurately and realistically but above all has the gift to breathe life into them. Please give him a visit and share my joy of having stumbled upon this rare talent.

Clive Meredith

Kind regards


Another Win!!

I would like to thank all who voted for my in The Beauty of Nature (Nothing Man-Made) (No HDR) 2 Per Day ‘Green’ Challenge, my Cape Dwarf took 1st place.
A huge thanks to the hosts/moderators too.

Kind regards


Welcome New Member

Please welcome my sister-in-law Cheryl to Redbubble, she lives in beautiful Namibia and is new to photography, I don’t think that’s true looking at her two sumbissions :-)! Cheryl purchased a DSLR ‘N’ in January this year and I feel she’s taken to the art like a duck to water, ok a Namib Desert Duck then. :-) She joined RBubble mid 2009 as an observer and now I think the bug has bitten.

Welcome Cheryl, I hope you enjoy the ride!!


*8th February 2010 at 00h20

My Art
181 total, 180 public, 1 private, 99999 views*

Thanks to all friends and watchers for making this all possible, good to be part of the

RB family.

Fond regards


Winged Winners

*Would like to thank all who voted for my Glasswing Butterfly ( 25 642 views to date ), it took first place

in the Beauty of Nature (nothing Man-Made)* "Beautiful Butterflies and Moths


A hearty thanks to those members who voted for my Dragonfly Mugshot, a first place in the Dragonflies "Any Identified Species Competition ":

Kind regards