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Have you ever wanted something so badly it made your chest ache with longing? A dull throb for something you wanted, but just couldn’t seem to grasp. I had this ache a few times in my life. For a “Rayleigh Tour de France” racing bike. For the Converse All Star Hi Top Black Trainers. For the last ESSO World Cup Medal which drove my Dad insane. The ache that just wouldn’t go away.

I hoped these emotional diversions from the day to day humdrum of life would dissipate the older I got, but I realized that while I may get over not having a pair of cool trainers, aches in my chest would come from other things. Now just before the ambulance chasers and life insurance sales people get excited, elements in life I dreamed of having, but just couldn’t seem to grasp. That is, until I found something I couldn’t stop dreaming of until it became a reality: Photography.

When people hear that I am a photographer, the most common question I hear is; “Oh, you take pictures?”
To that question, my answer must be; “No, I don`t take pictures”.
I don`t “take” anything………I “make” photographs.

I am passionate about my art and photography. If you’d like to get in front of my camera and experience the realisation of your dreams, shoot me an email. I’d be happy to hear from you.
“Never let the camera have the last word”

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