I am a high magnification macro photographer from Croatia. I have joined dslr world of photography in February 2011. I really love to shoot macro and high magnification photographs. Jumping spiders from Salticidae family of spider are my favorite and most preferred high magnification macro subjects.

Also I love to take photographs of nature, landscapes, architecture, travel photos, interior shots of old abandoned and ruined houses, where I sometimes love to use hdr techniques.

My camera is Sony a77 24MP SLT camera with Sony 16-105 f3.5-5.6, Minolta 50mm f1.7, Sigma 10-20 EX DG f4-5.6, Pentax SMC M 28mm f2.8(for reverse macro), Pentax SMC M 50mm 1.7(for reverse macro), Jupiter 37A 135mm f3.5 M42.

You can also follow me and my work on my High Magnification Macro Facebook Page where I upload all my photos altogether with description on how I took those shots, so any question about my photography, high magnification setup, or any other question you have, I can anwser you there. Thanks!

Greetings from Croatia

  • Joined: April 2011