Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone?

Like the heart that weeps when the smile is lost,
Life leaves the earth covered up in frost.

On the coldest day of autumn this year,
The full moon shined so bright and clear.

As Gaia loses colours towards summer’s end,
A rainbow surrounds heaven, where dark and light blend.

Lives once keeping Gaia warm have found a new home.
But when a smile is gone, does joy have a place to roam?

If people can be remembered after their lives pass on,
Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone?

Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone? by 

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The past year there have been many things on my mind that I have been struggling to find the words to describe. Last week however, on November 11, 2011, the 11th day, of the 11th month of the 11th year since the millennium, I was finally able to wrap it up. At the time, it was the coldest day of the autumn this year (the first to see frost), but the full moon on that day, surrounded by the rainbow, was beautiful…

Remembrance Day, the day to remember those who have passed – I have thought much about death the past year; people around me getting older and passing on. But I haven’t only been thinking about it in a literal way, but a death of a mind, a passion, a heart… I was there last year; finding myself in a dark place, due to some constant series of unforeseen incidents that fell upon me. I began to lose my passion for art, and dislike the very things that I used to find pleasure in. Looking back it was scary how much I changed…

This year I have begun to rekindle that passion that I lost, but now the problem is the lack of time. So these days instead I’ve been doing more writing. I’ve had a lot to think about and ponder on the past year. There is so much more I wish to share; especially on the themes that I share today, but I will save that for another day, as my mind is still struggling to breath at the moment. I can only hope that before the day I die I will be given that opportunity to share; and that by the time that opportunity comes, I will still be that same person I am today who has the desire to share and create. I can’t promise anything though…

I once read a Japanese story – a true story – about a little girl who transferred to a new school with a kind principal. She loved it there and promised the principal that she would become a teacher at his school. Sadly however, that school got burned during the war and she could not fulfill her promise.

In my current state, though I still live in difficult times, I’m appreciating the little moments, things that I have overlooked when I was in a dark place. My desire to create has come back, and I feel like taking new paths. I am aware, however, of the possibility that I may not succeed, and that I can be depressed again. I may even later deny any feelings I have today; I can become a totally different person – and it doesn’t only depend on me, but any event that occurs around me. I can’t promise that I will stay the same because I am a human born to make mistakes. In case I change in the future, the person I am today hopes that those around me would remember the way I am right now; the way a person who has passed would be remembered and cherished – as long as those around me themselves don’t change by then…

I will still be absent from RB in the weeks that follow; I will catch up on the comments – I just won’t be uploading anything new in a while. But at least I got to share some of my thoughts today (just in case I really never get that chance!), and hope to come back eventually in one piece to share the rest.

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  • ArtChances
    ArtChancesover 3 years ago

    So beautifil, love the way you did this one..God Bless you :)

  • Thank you very much Thelma; God Bless you hun.

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • Hugh Fathers
    Hugh Fathersover 3 years ago

    Beautiful!! . . .

  • Thank you very much Hugh Fathers for your comment, fav and adding me to your watchlist! I anticipate at the earliest, I’ll be elaborating more on this the latter of next month…

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • Mererand
    Mererandover 3 years ago


  • Thank you very much Paul Jurmale!

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • cherylc1
    cherylc1over 3 years ago

    So beautiful!! my friend!

  • Jessica Dzupina
    Jessica Dzupinaover 3 years ago

  • S .
    S .over 3 years ago

    wow you have such a passionate heart never lose that…. this is the type of poem that makes people tear up but smile at the same time beautiful work

  • Eileen Brymer
    Eileen Brymerover 3 years ago

    I can relate to a lot of what you wrote. I have lost and am losing too many friends and family and it’s tough to take. Without going into detail, I, too, am “living in difficult times”, although I believe many of us are. Sometimes it feels like the hits just keep on coming. I hope you know you are not alone and that this gives you a sense of belonging and relief. All we can do is take one minute/hour/day at a time – oh, and yes, breathe! Because a smile IS remembered, even after the joy is gone. Take care, my friend!

  • That is where I have been struggling with most – expressing what I’ve been feeling without making it too personal. Also things have been hectic and busy lately, and during such times it can be hard to be creative… to get the right words out. Once my time is more free I do plan on elaborating more though; after giving it much thought I’ve made some life-turning decisions lately, and whether it is the right thing to do or not I feel like going for it. Thank you very much Eileen.

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • frozenfa
    frozenfaover 3 years ago

    Aww Mui Ling.. hugssss… X( it’s been so tough for you for so long.. i felt happy and glad for you when i read news that you’re feeling better.. it’s kinda going up and down for me.. actually, it’s been mostly down for me this year.. until tonight at least (after i read up the copyright act for singapore citizen artists..) am happy for you that your desire to recreate is back, my friend! hugs.. it takes time to heal, hey? i hope things will improve for you as we approach the Christmas season.. wanna share with you this song from one of my fav anime.. I wish you strength, Mui Ling! BEAR HUGS!!! X)

  • Life is such a complicated thing. I’ve also come to accept that I’m mentally different – long story… I’m strange; though how strange depends on where I am and when. I’m coming to better understand this year though why I’m like that. I could also possibly change in the future.

    Ah Naruto; love that anime. I’ve seen that movie – thanks Fa (hugs)

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 3 years ago

    dear Mui-Ling, it is so hard being an artist, being so gentle of nature, our depth due to our sensitivies have both positive and negative effects, we can embrace all that we are, dark and light, peace and chaos, for without one, we could not really appreciate the other. All this suffering, there is purpose to it, I have been hearing this…that life is not so much a journey, as it is a creation. We are in the process of creating ourselves, and as we do, we forge and grow forward and sometimes fall in a heap…but it doesn’t end there in despair…each thing we encounter will pass in due time, there will be good again and difficult times again….there will be moodswings, but while we are in the healing phase, life is so good, things are plentiful and sometimes inspiration comes back and we remember ourselves as we once were….you are still that person, but all the more, for your experience….you are growing and we will always be changing, whilever we are honest and refrain from denial. You are beauty becoming more beautiful each day….even as we are worn and torn, we are given undeniable character and this makes you/me more interesting, more pliable, more giving, more empathic, more understanding…..ultimately you are becoming more terrific every minute….blessings of aloha dear friend, and hugs galore… xox

  • I do hope to expand more on this one day. My inspiration is someone along a different line, but I do agree with you. Being an artist, or at least having the personality of one our sensitivities do have both positive and negative effects.

    My inspiration does, however, go along the lines of there being good again and difficult times again, mood swings and healing phases… Sometimes unfortunately though, with some, the healing phase doesn’t get there; and there are times things really have to end. The mind is not a stable thing, and no one can guarantee themselves that they can get through – but that said, those around are not in the position to judge the one who had lost him/herself – he/she is only human after all. There is more I can say, but I’ll leave that for another day :). Thank you so much Karin xx

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • Charmiene Maxwell-batten
    Charmiene Maxw...over 3 years ago

    congratulations! You have been featured by INSPIRED BY LIFE

  • Thank you so much this is a most pleasant surprise =D

    – Mui-Ling Teh

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