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Beyond the field where the clovers grow,
The rainbow shall lead to the pot of gold.

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Over the past few years I have not been extremely active here – at least not as much as back in 2008; the year I joined Redbubble (wow it has been that long ago already?) After the start of 2010 especially, my activity decreased drastically due various complications, falling into a dark hole, and not feeling up to it.

It wasn’t easy climbing out of that dark hole; and matters are not all behind me; however, last summer, almost a year ago, I began to rekindle my desire to create again but the problem was the lack of time. I posted once in a while; sometimes just gathering old photos sitting around in my collections. The past few months since the start of the year especially has been really stressful. But I hope that is now behind me.

As 2011 was drawing to an end I initially thought that I would have more free time from the start of 2012; but it in the end, it wasn’t only until now I could say that I’m finally ‘free’ – and hopefully it will stay that way.

After a crazy first week of May, working late every night to complete a deadline, the following week was more relaxed. On the Tuesday evening, May 8, 2012, I went for a stroll, stumbled upon a clover patch and collected a number of 4 leaf clovers (as well found one 5 leaf clover and a 6 leaf!). I think I found over 10 four-leaf clovers that day.

And how has life treated me since? Well on that day after coming home I found out I sold a photographic print on Redbubble; and then in the following day… let’s just say from that day I was free… (I’m never completely free, but that day I felt some relief)… and also… let’s just say I earned a bonus, did some some shopping and received a free mug for being one of the 100th customers :P … And then sold a postcard at Zazzle :)

I haven’t heard much since in terms of whether I’ll be incredibly busy again; and the past week I’ve been able to catch up on some of the works I haven’t yet seen and commented on. Sometimes lucky signs can really be lucky – at least for the moment; realistically there are other things to think about; but nothing with an immediate deadline for now.

The clovers shown here are not my entire collection from the batch I found last week; I also included a few clovers I found long ago. To the right there are two 5-leaf clovers, one 6-leaf clover, and a 4-leaf with a long stem that dried up in a golden colour – here standing tall like a tree. I placed them on my scanner (a brother DCP-7030); held a piece of yellow paper over them with some light shining through it in order to get a golden look – inspired by the pot of gold and a bright new beginning for me…

It was actually a bit wet outside when I found these clovers, as it had been raining. But without rain there are no rainbows or pots of gold ~


It feels good catching up, and seeing the wonderful works people have produced. For those I haven’t caught up with yet, I will get there! I also hope to produce more this year, and keep up to date with everyone’s work.

Missed you guys!

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  • ©Janis Zroback
    ©Janis Zrobackalmost 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness..this must mean you are going to have a fabulous year…love the composition…it looks really three dimensional, and the background color is perfect….

  • From this point on maybe. There have been some downers in the past couple of months although nothing like what came about in 2010 thankfully… Some of these things are also things that needed to happen – so in some ways sadder but known to come – things I had to let go off. But lately my spirits have been higher – not that I’ve forgotten certain events but remembering the good parts of it, and knowing it’s part of life.

    I’m glad you like this; it took some experimentation when laying it out on the scanner, and sometimes I was afraid it looked too simple, but it actually looks nice framed. I also just uploaded an iphone design for it, and this actually is coming to be one of my favourites:

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • Ozcloggie
    Ozcloggiealmost 3 years ago

    Read your explanation first ~ then saw the work. I love the composition too. I wonder if for both of us that time we were hanging our paintings in that shopping centre was the high before the dip in creativity??? DO have a fabulous year!!

  • Richard G Witham
    Richard G Withamalmost 3 years ago

    Beautiful! May your life be filled with 4 leaf clovers in a sea of gold :-)

  • What a beautiful way of putting it; thank you very much Richard! :-)

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • mmargot
    mmargotalmost 3 years ago

    Wonderful to see your work again after the terrible experience time!
    Keep working for yourself and your freedom – we will wait!

  • Thank you Margot; yes it has been a terrible time – have been in a terrible place; but unfortunately, no matter what it seems there will always be people in a terrible place. We are lucky if we can even just find joy in something regardless of anything else, sad, frustrating or enraging, happening around.

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • linaji
    linajialmost 3 years ago

    I think you are very lucky and lovely, all the trials shape and mold us into very interesting human beings… and this entry from you makes me smile and so happy I know you. Incredible.. and I do mean one hella incredible find… a 6 leaf!!!! wow!

  • I once read someone was lucky enough to find a ten-leaf clover :-)

    It is actually my second time to ever find a 6-leaf, as for 5-leafs, I do have one more that is not shown in this scan – I laminated that one and kept it with me – didn’t keep me lucky forever though; but I think I did find that long before starting university… – I guess these things have their expiry dates lol. The first time I found a 6-leaf clover, not much happened – it was really small though – smaller than most of my origami even – maybe that’s way – not much lucky magic stored in there; and it was my first time to find any clover with over 3 leaves. The first 6 leaf I found – it was one that looked like a 3-leaf at first sight; but in fact, the leafs were together in pairs; often these clover leaves will not be not be perfectly spread out. The 6 leaf here, before I flattened it, looked like a tree. I took a picture of it the instant I found it; I should post that photo someday.

    It is so wonderful to hear from you Lina; and glad you took the time to drop by. Just read you’ll be spending less time here; though I’m glad your health issues are clearing up. I had been developing some myself – nothing major; just allergies I think. I hope in the next couple of weeks it all clears up. Been getting a few break-out and bumps on my skin lately – although I’m looking forward to the new path, there is no denying that adjusting to a new life style takes some time – although it is the kind of stress I chose to go with – in time I think those things will clear-up too. I remember back in school after a big deadline, most of us just want to relax for a while and not think about the next task right away. Guess it’s like that for me, want to be left alone in peace for awhile; though some people are not making it easy for me! Yeah, they are giving me the bumps but I love them anyways :P… Although that said I may have to slow down again… It hard though when there are years to catch up on, that I’m eager on.

    Actually it is the first time that things like these have happened upon finding clovers… well maybe the second – and I had certain thoughts on my mind in both instances – and whatever happened after were related to those thoughts – and they were good thoughts; not anything selfish – not that I was making wishes upon them, but I was just day dreaming. But positive energy, as you may remember me talking to you about it before, does have its effect – at that time I was just taking it from someone who told me about it, but I think I’m understand it better now…

    Take care Lina; and thanks again x

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • fullcirclemandalas  is Marg Thomson
    fullcirclemand...almost 3 years ago

    What a joyous start to a new beginning, Mui-Ling! Yet another of my friends is moving forward and onward:) xoxox

  • Yes; I guess it is like that for many of us. I may have to slow down a bit though, as it is the beginning for me and there is a lot of work to do catching up on things – not just on RedBubble. Glad you like this Marg; thank you so much! xox

    – Mui-Ling Teh

  • Tahnja
    Tahnjaalmost 3 years ago

    and we’ve missed you beautiful Mui Ling…so wonderful to hear from you…glad to hear there’s been some relief from the stress and strain in your life. God bless you my friend

  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehalmost 3 years ago

    Thanks everyone! I may spoken too soon though lol; Been pretty occupied today so I’m falling behind, but I’ll be back!

  • strawberries
    strawberriesalmost 3 years ago

    this is fantastic

  • Enivea
    Eniveaalmost 3 years ago

    I’m so thrilled you found the clovers, and that your brightness gets more of a chance to shine :-)

  • I’m thrilled I found them too; still busy but compared with before I have more time to do the things that keep me happy Thank you Enivea.

    – Mui-Ling Teh

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