London bound...

Very soon I’m flying to London; on the 18th. I’m not going back to Canada first after all because I’m too broke to fly back to Canada then to London. So although the biggest project at school is over, things are still pretty busy with packing, cleaning and seeing as much of Rome as I can before I leave (hence I’m still quite inactive on RB and eagar to catch up when I can). I’ve also been gathering contacts for my stay in London; luckily my dad has a few friends in the UK (though not quite in London), and a few kind UK people here on the bubble have offered me their reference; (though they are not in the London area either). My dad tells me that Christmas time in London is boring and less safe because there are less people around and everything is closed. Well I still have a school assign…

School Almost Over!

I just finished the biggest project deadline at school!…

It’s already has been hard enough keeping up here in the bubble since coming back to school; although at the least I’ve made the effort to log in occasionally just to see what’s going on. However, for nearly 3 weeks I had not even the time log in to RB. I’ve been constantly working on my studio project at school getting no more that 4 hrs of sleep per night. But my review seemed to have gone well; hopefully that means my mark will be good too (I’ve had a really good review on a project once but ended getting a bad mark on it just because the prof marking my work was different from the one watching my review, and he has his own ideas, so my hard work was wasted) – fingers crossed xx…

Well I have an essay left to do, but atleast that I

I'm back! And busy busy busy...

Hello all; I’ve just come back from the field trip mentioned in my last journal. I had a very good time; especially the last place: Venice! Though unfortunately that is also where my camera broke yesterday. Bummer it was indeed but it could’ve been worse – a classmate’s camera got stolen yesterday. My preview screen got punctured so it doesn’t display anything anymore – still can take pictures, but just can’t see what I’m taking. My camera doesn’t have one of those peep holes at the top so I had to use my judgement after my camera broke. Despite not knowing what I was getting, some turned out okay. I’ll be sharing these photos later; for now there is lots to do: unpack, do laundry, buy groceries (and a new camera…), and school work will hit once again.…

Suppose it was about time to get a n

I've moved!!! And I go away again tomorrow!!!

Hello all! Just got through a really busy week; had a project deadline at school (that big planning project I was stressing about in my last journal) two days ago, which was presented yesterday. Because of this big project I did not have time to pack until yesterday evening. Well since I didn’t bring a lot to Rome initially I didn’t stay up too late packing – I needed to arrive early today so luckily I could get enough sleep.…

This new place is big! I have a real desk this time! In fact the bedroom is probably bigger than the one I have back home. There is a dining room, and living room, and a full kitchen with a balcony that looks over the Aventine Hill! The only downside is my place is not as close to the supermarket as my previous; although since it is on the way to school, I can just b

3cm of joy sqeezed it's way through the stress

It’s a busy time at school now; a big group project due in less thatn two weeks; but within all that time we have many tours around Rome so we don’t really find the time to meet up and work. Furthermore I’m still living far from school (I’ll be moving closer to the new place after my deadline; otherwise I have to start paying rent sooner), and still doing my laundry by hand – don’t know if I’ll find time for that until the deadline. The next day I move, and the day after I go away again for another field trip; hopefully I’ll have enough clothes – guess I’ll find a laundrymat the day before the field trip to use a dryer; otherwise my clothes won’t dry in time.…

Today was a rather hectic day, though I won’t bother spilling on that. But then I check my bubblemail and see the heading "Congrats

I'm Back! And a belated thank you to a mystery buyer!

Hello all, I got back from my field trip today.…

First we went to Cumae. When we got off the bus there was this cute little doggy coming up to us:

The prof told us not to pet it, though several of us still did anyways; hehehe – it was just too cute! I pet it too; but no worries, I washed my hands soon after.

Apparently Italy has a a lot of dogs running around in the streets and so often while we are all walking together in a big group, there would be a dog or two following us for a long while, which was cute, but oh boy I really hate the flies; they are so persistent! They are always flying towards us and resting on while we are sketching, or listening to the prof; and even when you shoo them away they come back – so annoying… But overall it was a good trip – now I’ve got work to catch up

I'll be away

Well not that I’ve been extremely active; most of you already know that I haven’t been active since school started again. But anyhow I just wanted you all to be aware that I will be away from Sept 25th – 29th. I’m going south for a school field trip visiting Cuma, Baia, Pompei, Capri, Paestum and Sperlonga.…

The past week I had two big deadlines; one was a casestudy of the Tiber Island, where the temple of Aesculapius, the god of healing, was built:

Legend tells that there was a plague in Rome in 293 BC and the Romans sought to retrieve the deity of Aesculapius from Greece. They brought back his sacred serpant, who slipped off the ship and made its way to the island, and the Romans saw this as an omen that Aesculapius wanted his temple built there. The Island was modeled in the form of a

I've arrived safely in Rome

Just thought I’d send a quick shout saying I’ve arrived in Rome yesterday safely.

Hehe, this art community is like a family; my parents had asked me to e-mail them ASAP once I arrived in Rome. My landlady has asked me to be very careful because I’m very young and Italy can be dangerous. She tells me I should get a cell phone so I can call her if I’m in trouble outside, and to never come back home by myself late at night (although considering the nature of my program of study and where I’m living, I doubt I can avoid that) etc. etc…

I have a lot on my plate now and need time to get used to living here; but for now I thought I should also inform my RB “family” that I have arrived safely; and thanks to all of you who bid me your farewell wishes :)


Well friends, I fly tomorrow...

…and I probably won’t be on RB for a long while. My flight leaves at 8pm, but I’m heading to the airport around 4:30pm. I arrive in Rome on Monday. I hope to do as much sight seeing as I can before classes begin; but aside from that there is a lot of other things I have to do (get cash, buy sketchbook, studio supplies, textbooks, laundry detergent; get some maps…)…

So some weeks ago I had decided that between that time then and tomorrow I would use my time to either study some Italian, plan what to see/familiarize myself with Italy and its culture, or lose as much weight as I can before I begin eating pizza and pasta everyday :P. Well I read some guidebooks but it didn’t really help me because I was not actually there to follow the footsteps of the words; though I did familiarize myself a

Fly away in a week!

My flight to Rome is due Aug 24th, a week + a day from now! I’ve been really busy with the packing and preparation lately; and have been slow on comments; I still come on RB everyday though and look at a few works, and for those new works I haven’t left a comment on, it isn’t because I’m trying to be ignorant! I’ve been running around, but I’m never totally away from the bubble; though I’m less active now than I used to be.…

My packing is almost done but I’ll probably be going back to see what I can take out of my luggage to ensure I don’t go beyond the weight limit :P. I’ve always managed to be below the weight limit; but this time I’m going away for 8 months; accommodating for both the hot season and the cold season (Rome is very hot in September; and London can be very cold in winter);

My first mystery/t-shirt sale! And I've booked my flight :)

Thank you to the person who bought Pussy Cats Tee! I was out the whole day and I just checked my e-mail and realized somebody bought it about 7 hours ago, but when I logged in to check my bubblemail I didn’t find a BM about the sale, so unfortunately I can’t thank the buyer personally, but I hope he/she knows how grateful I am for liking my work and bringing me my first Tee sale :)

And I finally have a ride to Rome ;) Leaving on Aug 24th.

The next 8 months in Europe!

Just got word from the British Embassy that my entry clearance has been issued; yay! I’m surprised how fast that was – they told me it would take 5-15 business days to process – unless those days include delivery (I don’t actually have the visa in my hands right now; only got word that it has been processed and it needs to be delivered to me).…

So what this means is the next four months I will be in Rome for school, and the four months after that I will be in the UK!

Now I have to book a flight to Rome :P. That’s right, I still have to do that – I have been delaying because of several complicated matters and I’m still looking for answers. Let’s just say there are some rules in regards to booking flights with visas, and I need to make sure I’m doing things right and not wasting extra money

Now I may need even more timeout!

I can never be completely away from RB, though I am noticeably spending less time here than I used to. Since my last posting “I’ll need some time out” I have still viewed some new works and commented a bit while I had the time or needed a break; but now I’m really stressed……

As mentioned before, I’ll be going back to school soon; from September, I’m doing an exchange in Rome, and there is a lot to get ready for. But in truth, simply having a lot to do isn’t as stressful as what I’m facing now; well, on the mind anyways. I’ll be in Rome for four months, September to December 2008, and from January to April 2009 will be my final internship. For that period, since I’ll already be in Europe I wanted to go to London. My co-op coordinator gave me the e-mail of the person who manages the internat

I'll need some time out

Hello all,…

As you may have noticed, my comments are coming in slowly… I’m just in a panic because there are a lot of things which I have to get ready for before school. But at the same time I still want to do art.

I was so happy to find this community and do art again; I haven’t enjoyed art this much since high school. In my university program there are no summer vacations; school and internships rotate constantly. In school I’m always too busy to do any of my own art, and during internships, if I’m working in another city I spend the time sight seeing.

I worked in Toronto this time because I needed to save money in order to afford my upcoming exchange in Rome starting in September. During this time I decided to do more art again, and had more time for it because this internship is 8 mont

Today's Duckling Adventures!

Adventure 1
Adventure 2

This is the last one; I promise! There used to me more ducklings, but today I only saw two. I wanted to do a comic out of this one because it was funny (read the captions below the images :P)



Let’s race!


Wheeeee! I’m going to win!


I won! Mom did you see that?
other duck: Darn…


Hehehe, guess we know who the rotten egg is!
other duck: Shut up…


I’ve been working out these legs lately ;)


Look how much bigger my feet have become! I paddle so fast now


Mom let’s have a race to the top of the plank!


Ready… Set…






Um… Mom?


Mom, play with me!


Tickle, tickle, tickle!


Tickle, tickle, tickle…
Mother duck: > . <


Mother duck: (I was trying to sleep…)


Mother duck: (Must not laugh, must not laugh…)

More ducklings!

Remember the ducklings I saw yesterday morning? (see here)…

Yesterday I wanted to take more pictures during lunch, but when I went back to the pool I couldn’t find them and thought somehow they made their way “home”. This morning on my way to work I saw them again! That means they really are living in the concert hall courtyard! Guess they were hiding during lunch yesterday.

They were more up close yesterday, but at least this time I could get them all together (though they were moving so fast these pictures got blurry).

I came back during lunch, and found them gathered at the back (the little blobs in the shadow behind the planter)

They walk around, but wait!…

Aww, this one was left behind, and was trying so hard to jump out! It was so funny to watch it step back (I mean paddle back

A nice day...

Began with the sale I was notified about at 12:30am :P Then went to bed.…

On my to work I got off at St. Andrews station, walked through the underground path which passes the Roy Thompson concert hall courtyard. The courtyard has this pool, and today look what I found there:

This pool is very shallow; about 15cm deep perhaps. A few times this year I’ve seen ducks swimming in this pool, which was unusual enough, but baby duckings?! I wonder how they can get home, they would have to walk quite a distance away and cross some roads in order to reach the closest “natural” body of water! Luckily I had the camera on me; though I got it out pretty late; earlier they were more bunched up together.

I arrive at work, got onto RB and replied to some comments. I check the status of my entry in the New

Let's Focus On.....Paul Compton(Artist Interview)

Next up in the sequence of interviews, allow me to introduce Paul Compton!

You can find out how this has all started and who has been interviewed by visiting this forum (I just discovered this).

It would have been nice if I could’ve interviewed Paul face to face at his dinner party. Just imagine sitting there with with Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Woody Allen, Leigh Bowery, Yoko Ono, Joan Rivers, Odilon Redon, Jarvis Cocker, Jim Henson, Andy Kaufman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Dolly Parton, Charles Dickens, Harry Houdini, Divine and Edward Gorey… but since I’m not in Melbourne, Australia, I don’t have that option. If I were, I could’ve also seen his solo exhibition!

Dear Mui-Ling, here goes……..

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?


Let's Focus On.....Jo Hodan (Artist Interview)

Word goes that this chain of interviews was all started by Jo O’Brian. who tossed the ball to MuscularTeeth, and I had the pleasure of reading his interview with Karin Taylor and his interview with Butchart.…

Karin Taylor interviewed frozenfa and myself, and most recently frozenfa has interviewed Midori Furze

And now allow me to introduce Jo Hodan!.

Those who’ve been keeping up with interviews may recall how Karin Taylor and frozenfa are making a living out of their art; which I find fascinating, and Jo is very much the same (correct me if am wrong). Can read more about her in this forum

I agree it must be a very hard way to earn a living, but very rewarding I bet; especially since you got to exhibit in so many places! Hope you’ll continue to follow that spiritual intuitive and share you

I've Just Been Interviewed by the Famous Karin Taylor :D

Word goes that this chain of interviews was all started by Jo O’Brian. Jo apprached MuscularTeeth, and I had the pleasure of reading his interview with Karin Taylor and his interview with Butchart.

Next Karin interviewed the fun, loving creator of TIM (Twisted Inner Monster), frozenfa, which you can read here here, then yesterday Karin interviewed ME!!!!

Can read my interview here.

Throughout this chain of interviews, the person who gets interviewed picks the next two people to interview ( only two unfortunately…)

But anyhow, hope you’ll have fun reading! And I encourage commenting over there than here; and to read the other interviews as well! Fa has just posted her interview with Midori Furze

Cranes and prayers

Some of you may remember this image For Karin Taylor. I took this picture the day I read Karin Taylor’s journal about her son’s friend Mitchell who was very sick, and many Redbubblers prayed for him. Karin has shown me continuous kindness and support here on RB. She comments my work very often and I could never forget how she has responded so well to my previous journals months ago where I asked for advice:

“Seeking feedback. Would people buy these? ":
Origami Passion

I prayed for Karin and Mitchell and brought out these cranes saying to myself “I wish Mitchell will be well” with each one I brought out. Upon posting the image more people joined in to pray for Karin and Mitchell, and Karin asked m

Oh my Gosh! I missed a lot!

The past weekend was my catch-up time for commenting on all the work I missed out on during the time I was busy, and while doing that I missed some other notices!

Wow 3 of my works got featured in the Two Word Challenge group 2 days ago! These challenges may have no winner, but it was definately still worth joining the group and submitting work; yay! Thank you Ribbon! It’s a nice surprise after a day of working overtime :) (Though I really should have checked earlier :P)

For the challenge ‘End’ and ‘Wonder’:

For the challenge ‘Light’ and ‘Atmosphere’:

For the challenge ‘Shattered’ and ‘Illusions’:

50 pages later and visa update

Went through about 50 pgs of new works on Redbubble this weekend. I don’t always go back to work I missed but the past two weeks have been a bit crazy, hence I did not comment as much, and that is a long time. I could have carried on to my next piece, but then I started thinking that if I was making something which a busy watcher of mine would have really liked, it would be a pity if they decided to carry on and not look at it.…

So this time I decided to look through EVERYTHING, and I can say I’m happy I did so because there was a lot of fantastic work that came in, including some new works from the usually more silent ones (at the same time I regretted some of the stuff I missed! Happy super belated B-day Hilary… so sorry I missed it ;___;) I didn’t comment on everything, BUT it does not

Drawing Day Aftermath

Yes that is the name of the photo and a drawing I did on Drawing Day, but those tiny pencils are not the only aftermath.

The day after Drawing Day I received two bubblemails from two different people asking if they could post my pictures on their blog: one was for Drawing Day Aftermath the other for Drawing Day Redbubble Nectar and just before writing this journal a new activity showed up in my monitor which is yet another aftermath of Drawing Day! My Drawing Day Purple Bonsai Island is on the featured page! First Time :) Looks like the Drawing Day group has made the featured page; I recoginise so many great works from that day. I’m so glad I took a part of it :)

Breaking my long silence

I began drawing for Drawing Day Friday evening close to midnight,and it was very hot that day. I went to bed after the first two drawings and woke up in the afternoon. My family and I bid farewell to our father at the airport and on the way back I had my window opened just a bit and had my fingers resting on the edge of the window. However, my brother, who was driving us back, was playing with the window controls by the driver’s seat and closed my window on my fingers not knowing I had it opened :PPPP. I was okay though, and I continued drawing after having lunch.…

I managed getting seven drawings completed for Drawing Day; they’re not my best work since they were done more quickly, but I had fun; and my pencils have been well used…

Thank you to everyone one who’ve been commenting my work

What a week!

So there was all that hassle with the visa application (glad it’s over and now waiting for it to be approved), and the weather has been pretty dull lately.…

Today at work I was sooo bored… The project I was on had reached a stage where we can’t really do anything until we hear back from clients, so I spent the morning looking through the drawings and doing small fixes. We went out for lunch because tomorrow is a co-worker’s last day. When we finished eating, people were just chatting, and I went to use the washroom. When I went back to the table everyone had already left (how nice… T___T ).

So I head back to the office, and went up the stairs. Upon reaching the 5th floor where our office is, I opened the door and saw people just coming it (they used the elevator); wow I actually caught up

One down; some others to go

I got my Italy visa application submitted today! I made it; I received the remainder of my required documents on Monday; e-mailed my school co-ordinator to ensure they were ok and that I didn’t need anything else. Now to deal with other school prep matters (enrollment, internship work report etc.) – well the remainder is not so bad because they are independant tasks; and I can’t do anything about enrollment until my appointment anyways. Glad that visa fuss is over now; look forward to receiving it…

Hoping things will be smooth...

In my last journal “Luck plays peek-a-boo” I mentioned that thursday was a frustrating day while yesterday was a good day; but I’m afraid the stuff related to thursday is back to haunt me again; the game of peek-a-boo is still going on……

The upcoming school semestre I’m supposed to go on an exchange to Rome, and I need a study visa. My frustration from last Thursday involved not getting the documents I needed from irresponsible people who promised me that I’d get them on time (almost destroying my opportunity to go to Rome) – which led to many complications and needing to find alternatives. We managed to find alternatives; and then I get incoming info that I still need more stuff; so my head is spinning.

The Italian Consulate has become strict regarding getting visas, and the process has g

A Beautiful Day

On weekends I tend to stay up late nights and sleep in the next day. As a result, I am often reluctant to come out of bed at the start of new week. I thought I would have had an even harder time waking up today because of the long weekend; not to mention the fireworks going off last night. But it was the opposite.…

For the first time the sun was shining brightly when I woke up. I wake up at 7am, and during the winter it would still be dark at that time so I’d still feel like sleeping, but this morning was beuatiful.

So I arrive at the office 15 minutes early, and killed the time by going onto Redbubble; smiled as I read a lovely bubblemail, and then looked at what’s been going on in the activity monitor: Reply to your comment, Comment on your work, New journal entry, New work, New work, Ne

Oh my, a feature!

So as I get bubblemail pouring in my inbox daily, I sometimes visit the group which the bubblemail is geared towards, and I got a surprise to see one of my pieces featured in the group for the bubblemail I just read!

Born from the Pinky is featured in the Stillness Speaks group, yay! Big Thanks to Beth Lambert for featuring my image :)

I just had to do this (again!). Well this time it’s not like there was a bunch of my work grouped together coincidentally, but I just thought it was ironic that the photo above mine was also a black and white photo of fingers :P.

Origami Passion

The story of my developing passion for origami:…

Back in elementary school my teacher read to our class the story of “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes”. While Sadako Sasaki was in the hospital, friends and family saved scraps of paper for her to fold paper cranes out of. One day, Sadako’s mother paid a visit and gave Sadako a piece of paper which her sister saved for her. Sadako takes the paper and says “Mmmm, smells like candy. I hope God likes chocolate”. Everyone laughed including Sadako.

After being read that story I went through an origami obsession; I saved bits of paper and candy wrappers, then did origami out of them. Candy wrappers were often rectangular, so I’d cut the biggest square I could out of them and fold candy wrapper cranes. Afterwards I’d make smaller cranes from t

Seeking feedback. Would people buy these?

Someone has told me once that they hope I would get to exhibit my origami as a show sometime (I think they’re refering to the mini origami. See my origami gallery).…

So today while I went for a walk, I saw a flyer about an art show coming up which anybody can apply to for free. A form along with photos is required saying how much I’m selling my work for, or if it is just for display. I was planning to exhibit my little origami series, and it would be great if I can sell them, whether on their own, as jewelery, or attached to the front of a hand-made card.

It seems that the “wow” factor of my origami is the tiny size; but would people buy them? They may be more sellable as jewelry or cards, but personally I like them better on their own, and prefer if I could just sell them that way. If

Exciting e-mail!

I got an e-mail from a former co-worker from my Japan internship this morning. I miss that lovely little firm; everyone was so young and friendly!…

So she asked how I was doing and had exciting news for me: one of their houses called the “Roof Bath House” got published in MARK magazine based in the Netherlands; I’m so proud of them! I remember while working at the firm there was suddenly lots of interest from foreign magazine companies to publish the firm’s projects, and they would ask for description and photos. The firm always got me to help write up the descriptions since I knew English :P

Roof Bath House:

I was also sent photos of another house which was completed in February; I helped on that project during the internship; it’s so exciting seeing work I helped out with come to life!


desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait