Apologies for my absence

As some may have noticed, I haven’t been very active here lately; I haven’t uploaded anything new since early March. I still managed to keep up with my watchlist along with any of the activity occurring on my works. Last week, on Monday April 22 however, I suddenly ran into a number of dilemmas – long story, but it was just a very unlucky day. Since then I didn’t even have time to log into Redbubble. Some of that has been settled now, while the rest is a matter of waiting or keeping fingers crossed. But even so I’m coming to think now is the time I really have to spend less time here.

Even prior to the dilemmas there were other things I really should have been spending more time on. I can probably still keep up with any comments and favs I get; I always return visits to those who visit me, but it’ll probably be difficult for me to keep up with my watchlist on top of personal matters; especially as my list has grown overtime.

I don’t know how long it’ll be this way; hopefully not too long. I’m still hoping to build up a future for myself pursuing my art, and as such I may still be active on my social networks (facebook, twitter, G+), it’ll be nice for my older works to be seen again anyways. I may also publish old works that I currently have hidden sometimes, but I hope some day I can add new artworks while catching up with others again.

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