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Features 1 to 27

“Flower Wreath and Child” was featured in Coloured Pencil Art 001

“Butchart’s Gardens” was featured in All About Flowers 002
“Butchart’s Gardens” was featured in Happy Haven Photography 003
“Butchart’s Gardens” was featured in Canada(4/day)

“The Ross Fountain” was featured in All Water in Motion 005
“The Ross Fountain” was featured in Canadian Historical and Pioneer Sites 006

“North West Cove” was featured in Going Coastal (2 art per day) 007

“Glooscap Trail” was featured in ROAD PHOTOGRAPHY – your dashboard point of view"

“Mahone Bay Churches” was featured in Going Coastal (2 art per day) 009

“Evening at Comox” was Featured in A Place To Call Home 010

" Coleus (Solenostemon)" was featured in Nature’s Wonders 011

“A Country Home” was featured in Communities 012

“Window in the Clouds” was featured in Polish Place 013

“Altar of the Gods” was featured in " ’ Too Bright ’ 014

“Mists” was featured in Human. Animal. Nature 015
“Mists” was featured in Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence! 016
“Mists” was featured in AMERICAS NATURAL WONDERS 017
“Mists” was featured in The Woman Photographer

WINNER in the The Best of Your Canadian Province/Territory challenge of the Photographers of Canada Group, Feb. 28, 2010

“Valley of the Ten Peaks” 019
Featured in Top Shelf Wildlife & Nature Art

“Mountain and Forest”
Featured in Nature’s Wonders

“Spirit Island (1)”
Featured in Live, Love, Dream: 022
Featured in Northern landscape 023
Featured in # 1 ARTISTS OF REDBUBBLE 024
Featured in Nature’s Wonders 025
Featured in Mountains Across the Globe 026
Featured in All Countries ~ Wetlands, Ponds, Lakes and Rivers

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